Date: Friday, 5 February 2016
Time: 15:20 — 16:40
Room: 010 (building ΚΟΔ 07)
Language: Greek and English
Trainer: Tasos Constantinou, Head of Education and Employment at, Lecturer for University of Wolverhampton and Global College
Number of participants: 30
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Many theorists argue that an entrepreneur is born and never made. In Cyprus, however, the financial situation has caused many to discover a new side of themselves, a side that they would have potentially never known about if the need did not surface. They dared to embark on a new journey towards creating their own business and find themselves, today, in the middle of their own personal adventure that they would never trade for any other job.

Despite many entrepreneurs being in similar positions, none of them have similar background stories. This workshop involves many guest speakers ranging from 17 to 50 years old who all decided, one way or another, to start a business. Some are students while others are parents. But they all share one thing: A mentality. This mentality enables people to treat problems as opportunities, and it is safe to say that Cyprus is full of both. More importantly, this mentality can be learned, and with enough willpower, it can be applied. Once the guest speakers finish sharing how they applied it in their story, we will give you the opportunity to develop it for yourself via an entrepreneurial challenge which we will set for you. 


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