Date: Friday, 5 February 2016
Time: 10:40 — 11:00
Room: 010 (building ΚΟΔ 07)
Language: English
Speaker: Tharwat Jaber, PhD Candidate in Management, Frederick University


Entrepreneurship has become an important topic that gained attention from countries all over the world especially following the 2008 global crisis. The importance of startup entrepreneurs currently recognized all over the world as a key driver of economic growth, a great opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people. They can play an important role in reducing unemployment particularly among youth, creating new job opportunities and encouraging people with ideas to benefit from their skills towards community improvement. To push the economic reform, governments have responded to these forces by developing laws, regulations and policies to promote Startup Enterprises. The entrepreneurial ecosystem can play a key role in the achievement of economic growth targets. It helps creating startup companies and supports their growth. It has a clear impact on their success and sustainability. As a result of the financial crisis, Cyprus like many countries is still facing employment challenges which can be partly addressed through entrepreneurial support. There is a growing interest in this field, several studies on entrepreneurship have been carried out, but so far, no studies have adequately addressed the “Startups Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” in Cyprus. Our research aims at covering this gap. We plan to assess whether Cyprus’ Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is responding to the global challenges in the field, whether it supports startups and assists in the development of innovative business ideas. Our study will also suggest future policy actions to help supporting the Cyprus Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

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