Date: Saturday, 6 February 2016
Time: 09:00 — 10:20
Room: 018 (building ΚΟΔ 07)
Language: English
Session Coordinator: Muhammad Ali Babar Abbasi, PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering, Frederick University


4G communication technology was introduced in order to provide services such as high-definition mobile TV, IP telephony, smart phone web access and cloud computing and several other technologies. However, the increasing demand for higher data rates triggered the need for a new technology and the concept of 5G was introduced. 5G with its allied technologies such as D2D, M2M, Hetnets provide a platform for services which require higher data rates. 5G is in the standardization phase and requires extensive research to provide the required quality of experience (QoE). The prospective devices to be used for 5G systems tend to be compact in size, resource efficient and green. This session will focus on the emerging trends and applications for next generation communication technologies like 5G. The scope of this session includes, but not limited to, cooperative communication, wireless sensor networks, RF front end system design, wireless body area network, reconfigurable microwaves, antennas, and related topics of wireless communication systems that shows prospective applications for 5G communication technologies.

Characteristics of high frequency spectral occupancy over eastern Mediterranean RegionMd Golan Mostafa, PhD Student, Electrical Engineering, Frederick University 

5G D2D (Device to Device) Communication Networks​Rafay Iqbal Ansari, PhD Student, Computer Engineering, Frederick University, Cyprus

Relay Selection in D2D networks powered by Simultaneous Wireless and Information Power Transfer (SWIPT), M. Yousaf Khan, PhD Student, Electrical Engineering, Frederick University 

Next Generation Solar cellsMuhammad Naveed, PhD Student, Electrical Engineering, Frederick University, Cyprus


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